When it comes to retirement planning there are three key areas to consider:

– The tax relief you will receive on making contributions to a pension
– The investment strategy you adopt, which will determine the size of your pension fund
– The benefits you will receive when you retire

There are many advantages to having a pension whether you are a PAYE employee, self-employed or own your own company. At McGeough Financial Consultants we have over 40years experience in helping clients to choose the right plan depending on their circumstances, helping them adopt the most appropriate investment strategy and making sure they do things in the most beneficial manner when they retire. Depending on your age retirement could be a long way off, just around the corner or you may have already retired but whatever your circumstances it’s never too late to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

“Our ambition at McGeough Financial Consultants is to create a strong client relationship built on trust where we will always strive to exceed your expectations.” All that is required is for you to invest a little time and we will be happy to help you on the road to achieving your financial goals.

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