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A recent Red C Survey highlighted some interesting facts about financial security. They highlighted how future proofing your finances has become a priority.  Job / Income security is not guaranteed, regardless of profession which has led to a revaluation of spending habits and savings.  Saving for a rainy day has become a new priority, many surveyed have made a conscious effort to save for future unexpected circumstances, recessions or a second wave of Covid-19. As you will see below the average age and gender ranged from 20’s and above.

“I have changed my spending habits and increased my monthly savings in light of the imminent recession.” Male, 27

“Put more money by for times where it could be needed…Just to prepare myself for the second wave.” Female, 30

“To save more for a rainy day.“ Male, 44

“I have learned how important it is to save money and look after your mental health.” Male, 26

“I wont take for granted my freedom and definitely be more cautious with my money, set up rainy day account.” Female, 42

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