Can you afford to Retire? Do any of the following thoughts resonate with you?

– I would like to be able to cut back my working hours in the next few years but am not sure I can afford to reduce my income.

– I think I have enough money to retire in a couple of years but am worried about how some of my investments are performing.

– I would like to manage my financial affairs better now that I have retired from work.

– I am due to retire next year but am afraid I will run out of money before I die as my pension, cash and investment income will not match my current annual income.

– I am not happy my pension and other investments are performing as well as they should be and I could really do with a fresh pair of eyes to look at them.

– I want an experienced financial coach I can trust to help me build and regularly review a Financial Plan that will protect my loved ones and enable me to maintain my current lifestyle when I stop working.

If they do… you need to talk in confidence to our expert team of Financial Advisors at McGeough Financial and we will help you work out a plan thats best for you & your

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